The unique story behind Eddie Bazrli San Michel luxurious Brand.


San Michele Glendale is a detailed property that thoroughly embodies the brand’s DNA. Each corner of the Glendale location reflects the true essence of the brand, from the hair cutting venues that are tributes to Eddie’s signature works, to the property’s interiors adorned with fashion sketches and emblematic designs, the property is a testament to the brand’s storied heritage.

The San Michel group’s utmost priority was that the property reflects the San Michel lifestyle which is bold, one-of-a-kind, and luxurious. Shant Giragossian is the development firm for the Glendale location, and the board’s goal was to have clients feeling like they’ve landed on a fashion runway straight out of Milan. Luxury was to be integrated in every part of the experience, be it while lounging or while styling your hair.

Every aspect of the Glendale location was created with minute attention to detail, from the architecture and interior design to the overall client experience. For the property to be experienced in the best way possible, a top-notch team of hospitality experts was required to ensure guests have an unforgettable service at San Michel Glendale.


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