What Attracts People the Most towards League of Legends?


The game League of Legends originated in 2009, becoming an instant hit in the eSports world. It has spawned a new company. It’s easy to know why people love this game: it features teams, and each player controls their character. With different champions who any player can play, you’ll never be short on ways to showcase your skill or satisfy your need for competition.

Are you interested in League of Legends or LOLSTAR | 롤대리, 롤듀오, 롤강의전문업체? Maybe it’s the most played PC game in the world. The numbers are staggering, to say the least: Riot Games has tallied over 67 million monthly active players and 27 million daily active players. It averages over 32 million hours of playtime daily, with a peak concurrency of 7.5 million concurrent players. You’re not alone, but you may wonder why people are so drawn to this particular game out of all the others. You can stay focused if you want to know what attracts people the most toward League of Legends.

  1. The Social Feature

This is the most critical aspect of League of Legends. You’ll have to work with a team to become a champion in this game. You may be playing solo or with friends, but you’ll need to learn how to get along with other people and make friends. You’ll also have the chance to meet new people and make new connections, which is why the game’s social aspect is so appealing.

  • The Variety of Characters

Another reason why people love this game is the variety of characters. The game features over 100 unique champions with different backstories, abilities, and roles to play. It means that there are many options for you to find a character that fits your style of playing and satisfies your personal preferences. Furthermore, since you can purchase new champions with in-game currency or by purchasing them with real money, the variety creates many chances for players to customize their experience.

  • The Hidden Game

The League of Legends community is mighty as it includes the best 롤대리. Aside from the ranked games, you’ll want to get involved in other events like tournaments or simply playing games with your friends. With your skills and determination, you’ll be able to rise through the ranks, creating a professional gamer lifestyle for yourself.

  • The Competitive Side

Not every game features a competitive element, but League of Legends has its share of competitive players. When you play against other teams, you’ll find that there is always a need to strategize what to do and how to defeat your opponents. With the huge variety in the game, you’ll never be short on ways to show off your skills and compete against other players online.


This game is worth your time and effort, especially if you can find a good group of friends or just two or three to play with. There’s a reason why the game is so popular; it’s tons of fun and provides you with everything that you could want in an online multiplayer game.


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